Release notes

New Induct features


Link ideas

The new feature “Link ideas” is now available in your Induct community!
Two ideas might be similar or has some relation to each other, but should be handled as two different projects. You can now link them together and see that they are connected from the overview tab. This new feature is already live and accessible to edit from the "Settings" page in all ideas.

How to link:

  1. Go to the "Settings" on the idea you would like to link to another or remove an existing link. Click the + icon.

  2. Type the name inside the search bar and click on the initiative you would like to link the current idea to. (Standard search result filter is an option to find ideas) You can optional add a comment or reason for linking the two ideas which will be displayed below idea title.

  3. The two ideas are now linked and will be displayed in the "Owerview" and "Settings" tab on both ideas


Local browser storage

In case you accidentally leave the submit page, or in the event of a technical error like timeout or lose your network connection? Don`t worry, your inputted data is now stored in the browser storage, and can be resumed.

How does it work?

When returned to the closed session, you will be prompted with the following message ->

If the user selects ‘Yes’, the form will be automatically filled with the previous not submitted data.
If ‘No, delete it’, the form will remain empty, and the stored information will be deleted from the browser storage.
Note that the information it is stored in the browser storage, so this information cannot be recovered from a different browser or a different machine.

Where is this applicable?

-    Submit forms
-    Initiative overview (title, subject, submit form)
-    Scorecards

Force password expiration

From the community control panel, the administrators can setup an expiration time for the users password, the available values are : Never (default), 30,60,90,180 and 365 days.

This configuration is per community, that means that the user will be asked to change the password only when login to a community where the expiration is activated:

When the user click “Change password”, he well be asked to get a pin from email, like in the regular recovery password process.

Recent activity and vote investment view in "My profile" page

Added two new sections in the user profile page​:

  • Invested in voting events : Shows how much a user has invested in each of the initiatives of the voting events

  • Recent activity : Show all the user activity in the community.

Bug fixes:

  • Invite module made more intuitive by adding a "+" button for multiple invitations. (Individual invitation works without the need for using the "+" button)

  • Wiki form fields breaks layout on idea page

  • Issue when sending message from “My page”, selected name was sometimes "unchecked" after selected

  • API lacked notifications on new comments

  • Removed «linked challenge» as standard on proposal submit forms

Technical improvements:

  • Added support to sort impulse list from API

  • Upgraded search mapping and libraries (no functionality, only technical improvement)

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