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New Induct features


Adopt initiatives

The new feature “Adopt” is now available in your Induct community!
Have you seen a great idea or project in another community you would like to copy to your own? The new Adopt initiative feature will do it for you.

These elements will follow when adopting from another community:

-  Title 
-  Description (including images)
-  Submit form (appended to description)
-  Attachments
-  Wiki documents & folders


What and why?

1. Sharing network

Induct communities, that are connected in a network, may share selected content with each other. Shared content is available through search, filtering and automatic matching. Automatic matching shows the content in the network, which is the most similar to the idea / project you are currently working on or viewing.  

2. Adopt successes

Shared content can be a solution to your need or an inspiration for your own project. Content you find relevant may now be adopted to an Induct community you have access to. When adopting to a community, it will work as if you register a new initiative together where all the information provided in the initiative you adopt, will be copied in to your newly adopted initiative.

3. Start your own project

Adopted initiatives will follow the process setup of the community its adopted to. When adopting implemented projects that has a proven success, it will be of great help to bring along this information when trying to implement the same idea in your own organization. There will always be a link to the original initiative so you can keep track.



Open the initiative that you would like to adopt.


Click the "Adopt" button on the top right hand side.


Select the community you would like to adopt to.



Select the portfolio you would like the adoption to appear in. (You need to have publish rights in the chosen community and portfolio to be able to execute the adoption.)


Adoption finished. The initiative is copied to the chosen community. The two initiatives are connected with links to keep track of adopted and non adopted initiatives. 

Vi vil gjerne høre fra deg !

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